Monday, November 30, 2009

OBX Thanksgiving

I had to start with a picture of our pea. She is getting so big and is such a love bug. I can't get enough of her.
This year we spent a week at Outer Banks, NC for Thanksgiving with friends. We rented a beach house with a handful of other families and spent our days on the beach. We were also able to check out a couple of the historic lighthouses in the area. The one below is the Currituck. Here are some facts...
Number of steps: 214, Height to focal plane of lens: 158 feet, Height to top of roof: 162 feet, Number of bricks: approximately one million, Thickness of wall at base: 5 feet 8 inches, Thickness of wall at parapet: 3 feet

Of course the boys couldn't get through Thanksgiving day without a turkey bowl. Even the little ones wanted in on the action.

Clint and I had a chance to get to the beach by's not what you're thinking! We took a two man kayak out for a spin and only tipped twice. It was such a rush...although I have to admit I now know why they have the term, "You swear like a sailor!" I know...I couldn't help it!

This lighthouse is Bodie (pronounced "body") Island Lighthouse. Here are some facts...
The current Bodie Island Lighthouse is the third that has stood in this vicinity of Bodie Island on the Outer Banks in North Carolina and was built in 1872. It stands 156 feet tall.

Here is a shot of the 10-bedroom beach house. We packed in 7 families (14 adults and 24 kids!!)
Madison LOVED the water. She was a natural on the boogie board and even took a spin in the kayak with Clint.

Clint doing a little skim boarding.

We had such an amazing time and the week went by way too fast. We are looking forward to next year!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just a Little Bit Martha...

Here's a big SORRY to my handful of followers out there (mom), for the long gap in blogging. It's been one of those times when I feel like my life has been crazy, but if you were to ask me what I've been doing, I'd have to reply, "I really don't know..."

So this past Saturday I got to step out of mommy world into Martha world for a bit and let my creative energy flow. A wonderful woman from my church took time to teach us how to combine a little bit of pine, a long stretch of wire, and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE and you get this big beauty! She made it look so easy and it was. I have been debating on whether to add a bow or not...what do you think?