Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OBX Thanksgiving 2010

Once again, we went to Outer Banks, North Carolina for Thanksgiving and had such a great time. This is the view from our bedroom at our beach house.

I love that Chase is our little dare devil and will try anything. He got right out in the water and had a great time boogie boarding with his dad.

Max is a little more timid in the water, but still had a great time. I can't believe he went in without a wet suit. The weather was terrific this year, but still a little chilly in the water.

Doesn't she look like she was born to surf?

There were a lot of dolphins this year that came pretty close to the shore. Clint and some of our friends got pretty close to them in their kayaks.

Madison is our water girl. She is so comfortable in the water, and loved every minute of it.

I love this shot with Aubrey's little footprints.

We look forward to this trip all year round. It is such a nice way to spend the holiday when we can't be close to family. We are already starting the count down to next year.

Halloween 2010

Better late than never...Chase couldn't decide whether he wanted to be a pirate or Mr. Incredible, so we did both.

This was at the ward trunk-or-treat. Mom & Mand, does Max's face bring back memories of a certain ghost?:) Don't ask me why he was so grumpy. Maddy's ears looks like an aerobic sweatband...lets just say we didn't plan costumes until a couple of days before Halloween.

I threw together this witch costume literally five minutes before we walked out the door. Clint decided not to dress up, therefore, no pictures of him...too bad!

I tried to get a picture of this little girl in our ward, cute, little Nora, with Aubrey. I think they look so much like each other. Maybe you can tell a little bit by the blurry picture. Wiggly girls...they just didn't want to hold still!

Aubrey Bug

My Aubrey Bug is growing up. For some reason, the minute you can put pig tails in their hair, they no longer feel like your baby....and this was even taken a few months ago.