Monday, June 28, 2010


I signed the kids up for swim lessons again against their will, in hopes that this time they would catch on to the wonderful world of swimming. I have to confess...I am not the best swimmer (ok I can actually just dog paddle and pray that I will make it to shore), quite frankly, I am quite terrified of water...well at least the ocean. I always feel like it will swallow me up any second into it's big, deep, blue waters and you will never hear of Jody Stone ever again. But this is the very reason why I am determined to make my kids great swimmers, so they won't go through life like me, scared to death of water. Isn't that what parenthood is make your children just a little better than you, to give them opportunities to be the best they can be?

Sure enough, they made their dear mother proud. It was so fun to see them this go around become more confident and relaxed in the water, even if I had to take them at times kicking and screaming to lessons. Who knew by the end of this session that they would actually be asking for more? I guess it's time for me to conquer my fear of water and take "the plunge".

Yes, that is a black eye on Chase. He got whipped in the eye by our neighbor with a jump rope. It was one of those times when the mama bear came out in me and I wanted to protect my cub... it took all that I had to not lash out at the boy for not being more careful. The neighbor is ten, so I feel like he was old enough to know better than to whip around a jump rope in in front of my four year old son's face. Then again, am I a careless mom to let my four year old son use a butter knife that is three inches from his face to scoop out his jam ? The kids have had a ball picking the raspberries around our house to make their homemade jam.

Aub's finally started walking and is cruising around everywhere, like typical "Stone-kid" fashion she chose not to walk until 14 months old. It still always amuses me to see their cute, squatty bodies wabbling is too cute!

She has a little bit of curl in the back of her hair also. I'm sure the humidity here really helps it bounce up.

She is also a little talker now, "Mom, Dad, boo, Aub's, and baby" are her favorites. I love to hear her little babbling as she walks around as if she has so much to say. She is growing too quickly...where does the time go?